The official Ustream app


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Ustream is the official app from the service of the same name to let you stream all kinds of things, including sports, video games, news, technology, and so on. You can stream all this from your Android device, so long as you have a stable Internet connection.

Of course, besides streaming, you can also broadcast your own content on Ustream to users all over the world using your device's camera. That said, in order to broadcast, you'll need a free user account.

One interesting feature is that you can interact with any broadcaster or those watching your own transmissions. Once you're registered, you can use comments to start conversations with other users.

Ustream is similar to Twitch, as they both permit video broadcasts. But instead of being focused on video games like the latter, Ustream lets you enjoy a wide range of categories, such as sports, animals, technology, music, etc. The possibilities are endless.